EAL Teaching


English is considered as the most widely used language around the world. Speaking of English as a foreign language refers to learning a language different from that of the mother language, and which is not used in the student’s daily life The process of learning English as a foreign language is usually given within the classroom, where different controlled type activities are performed. Although this process occurs mostly in the educational field, students can achieve a high degree of English language development. That is, the student has the opportunity to develop the learning of the English language only during classes.

When you ask about a language teacher’s profile, the most frequently asked question is whether you are native. It is certainly a very important aspect but the teacher’s profile should be evaluated as a set of qualities and not only by their origin or nationality. In fact, there are other factors that require more attention when defining an English teacher’s profile, and EALTA website is the place where you can find creative teaching strategies, and online teaching tips, that will improve your skills, no matter if you are in a classroom, or you are having online classes.

With the English teaching tips that the EALTA website offers, teachers should encourage the direct and spontaneous use of the language; students, for their part, had to be able to include grammatical rules in communication. The situation and context in the interpretation of statements, in which they used memorized phrases and so-called routines when speaking, were considered a great help to children.

It was not until the period between the thirties and sixties of the twentieth century that the British developed the oral approach and situational language teaching method. This methodology encompassed the principles of:

  • Selection: expressed in the way the grammatical and lexical contents are selected.
  • Gradation: The organization and sequence of the content were determined by them.
  • Presentation: it sets out the techniques used for ongoing presentation and practice.

Online Teaching Tips

Online teaching offers many advantages, and here are the most useful online teaching tips, including creative teaching strategies any teacher may need:

Simplicity is the Key

All teachers know how hard it can be explaining new instructions to their students. Very often starts with a group-wide tour, followed by endless student questions to clarify the next steps. Sometimes, this whole process can be frustrating.

Establish a Digital Base

In the meaning of simplicity, it is really important having a digital foundation for your pupils. There are many learning management systems that can be of your assistance, but Google Sites is the one which is recommended as a simple and easy-to-configure platform, and with all those visual teaching strategies available out there on the internet, you can simplify your work.

Prioritize the Longest, Student-Driven Tasks

Efficiency is really important in distance learning experiences. This kind of class planning will take longer and requires a higher level of paying attention to details. You will not be able to correct errors in the same way as in your classroom, especially when children disconnect.

Individual Contact Points Are Game Changers

With online teaching, human connection is the only thing your students will miss. The interactions you all have during breaks in the hallways, before and after school, are irreplaceable. Continue following ealta.org and stay updated on the latest visual teaching strategies always discovering useful online teaching tips.